Complementary processes of metallic aviation parts to keep them in designed condition: Heat Treatment and Surface Treatment

Preserving the properties of metallic parts throughout their lifespan is one of the most sensitive issues for the aviation industry. Aiming to offer its customers ready-to-use end products, KPA has integrated its processes by making modern and large-scale investments for special processes. All processes of metallic parts are covered under the roof of KPA with surface treatment, heat treatment, shot peening, non-destructive inspection facilities in accordance with the requirements of OEM manufacturers.

The surface treatment facility is located on a closed area of approximately 4100 m2. With fully automated modern systems, it will be one of the best in its class with a production capacity of 1500 dm2 and a carrying capacity of 550 kg.

The processes that will take place in our facility:

 Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI)

 Tartaric Sulfuric Acid Anodization

 Boric Sulfuric Acid Anodization

 Thin Film Sulfuric Acid Anodization

 Chemical Film Coating

 The liner has a final coat painting processes.

The coating line was designed as a single line and the process sequence was made in accordance with the standards of international aviation organizations and developments in coating technology.

In order to keep the system effective and meet quality standards, a laboratory equipped with the latest technology devices will be established, including Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, Corrosion Device (Salt Water test), Optical microscope, etc.

Another process that KPA will add to its competencies in the new special processes facility is the Shot Peening. The device wil be 5 axis and be able to process any geometry, from large to small.

In KPA stainless steel heat treatment furnace; Heat treatment processes of all steel groups, especially 15-5 PH, 17-4 PH, PH 13-8 Mo aviation steels, at temperatures between 300-640 °C are performed.

The temperature homogeneity tolerance of our furnace, which is Class 2 Type C according to AMS 2750F Pyrometry standard, is +/- 6 °C. All of the pyrometric requirements of our furnace given below are carried out within KPA and by the expert staff of KPA who have completed the necessary international competence trainings.

 TUS (Temperature Uniformity Survey)
 SAT (System Accuracy Test)
 Equipment (field testing equipment, control-recording equipment)