R & D

We offer solutions to OEM manufacturers with our design, analysis and testing capabilities that ensure flight safety in aerospace standards.

Combining its long years of production experience in the aviation sector with its passion for innovation and design, KPA carries out design, analysis and testing activities within its R&D department. Company offers solutions for the design needs of domestic aerospace and defense projects with its competent and well-educated employees.

The systems that the R&D department has worked on and developed so far can be listed as follows:

 Mechanical design of vehicle and tread type jammer systems
 Gas-assisted liquid cooling, natural & forced convection, expanded surfaces, and heat pipe embedded heatsink design
“Türkkuşu” foldable landing gear product development
 Organic Rankine Cycle design that generates electricity from waste heat
 Rim design, structural load and thermal analysis for Gökbey Helicopter
 Multi-disc helicopter brake system design
 “Cable Cutter” safety equipment design for Gökbey and Atak helicopters