KPA, which has the processes required for the production of metallic structural parts of modern defense and aerospace projects, under its roof, provides services with its investments in Machining, Special Processes, Sub-assembly and R&D activities to offer integrated solutions to its customers, and is ready for more.


Cutting-edge production competence on a large scale from 1mm to 15 meters. KPA, which offers unlimited solutions to its customers in machining processes, stands behind the quality of parts it produces and knows the importance of continuous improvement, uses the latest technology machine park in precision machining. The machining capability of KPA has always been a reason for preference by our customers.



Preserving the properties of metallic parts throughout their lifespan is one of the most sensitive topics for the aerospace industry. Aiming to offer its customers ready-to-use end products, KPA has integrated its processes by making modern and large-scale investments for special processes. All pre-processes and post-processes of metallic parts are covered under the roof of KPA with surface treatment, heat treatment, shot peening, non-destructive inspection facilities in accordance with the requirements of OEM manufacturers.



Aviation sub-assembly operations ranging from simple connector assembly to assembly of a whole section can be performed by KPA. Thousands of different parts, dozens of different programs, all approved process capabilities. Our modern sub-assembly facility, which is shaped by the principles of lean production, is an important supporter of domestic and foreign aviation projects with its wide range of applications and its organization that has ab agile responding capability to customer needs.



Combining its long years of experience in the aerospace industry with its passion for innovation and design, KPA carries out design activities within its R&D department. It offers solutions for the design needs of domestic aviation and defense projects with its competent and well-educated employees.



While KPA specializes in aviation, its starting talents for the Press and Mold sector continue to be preserved under the brand of Küçükpazarlı. The facilities, which mainly produce products and semi-finished products for the automotive, construction and defense industries, have been working to establish trust with their customers for many years.