KPA, which started its journey with mold production under the leadership of two masters with goals, in Ankara half a century ago, has successfully produced sensitive and critical parts in the Defense Industry with its innovation principle and self-sacrifice, opening the door to new success every day.



1 million

Annual Sale

60.000 m²

Facility Area


Participated Programs

Operating in the aviation and defense industry today, the company has always successfully fulfilled customer requirements in the complex projects it undertakes, and strengthened its place in the aerostructure industry that establishes trust.

Today, KPA designs, develops and manufactures in 8 different facilities in Ankara, in an enormous area of 60000m2 in total. KPA, which has successfully produced thousands of different parts, including parts that are in the critical structural parts class in 16 different aviation projects and can be produced by very few companies worldwide, delivers a total of more than 1 million parts annually. Company continues its journey, which it started half a century ago, today with nearly 500 employees and dozens of business partners.

Continuing its projects with a high quality understanding, KPA carries out its comprehensive works from design to production with its expert, young and dynamic team and offers products that meet the needs and expectations of its customers in a short time thanks to owned large-scale machinery investments. Directing the aerostructure industry with its smart and innovative solutions, KPA works for excellence at every stage from the supply chain to sales and after-sales services by keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront, adopting the understanding of being a strategic partner for its customers to achieve their goals in cost-effective ways, and is proud of being a great and reliable supporter of its customers.