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KPA Mold

Küçükpazarlı Mold, founded in 1975, is the branch of Küçükpazarlı that has been continuing its work since its inception. It has precision capabilities for mold design and production. The number of employees is 25. It produces special parts for the defense and aerospace industry with its 5-axis and precision machines. It is ISO 9001 certified.

KPA Manufacturing

Küçükpazarlı Manufacturing Department, which was established in 1994, performs sheet-metal cutting, forming, welding and assembly works. Mechanical and hydraulic presses are available at varying tonnages. Construction, tunnel mold industry products are available.

KPA Assembly

The assembly processes started with 4 personnel in 2012 and reached to 175.000 units per year for the BOEING project with the staff of 47 in 2016 and continues its growth rapidly. The KPA Assembly Branch will continue to provide service in its new facility with an indoor area of 6.500 m2 on an area of 10.000m2 in 2017, adding innovations to its capabilities. It aims to have AIRBUS and SIKORSKY projects in its vicinity.

The AIRBUS assembly inspection was successfully completed in April 2016, the findings were answered promptly and the AIRBUS-ASSY qualification process was completed. Once the new installation facility is completed, it will begin its services for the sub-installation capabilities of the AIRBUS project.