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Company Profile

Küçükpazarlı (KP), by Hasan and Sefa Küçükpazarlı brothers was established in 1975 to manufacture mold. From the day it was founded, determining its vision by adopting concepts such as innovation, solution partnership and total quality, KP has been able to successfully undertake complex projects while fulfilling customer requirements. KP, by successfully delivered projects, has purchased a new workshop in OSTIM zone in 1987 and has continued to grow by producing. It has successfully completed the production of sensitive and critical parts of the defense industry and has strengthened its position by building confidence in the sector.

In 2005, as well as production for the defense industry, in order to specialize entirely on aviation and aerospace industry Küçükpazarlı Aerospace (KPA) was established as a separate Branch in 1.OSB plant. First production in the aviation field began by producing critical parts of Agusta Helicopters.By delivering undertaken aviation industry projects on time and with absolute accuracy and quality, KPA has proven its abilities in this sector and has been involved and continues to be involved in several critical defense and civil aviation projects, building confidence in the sector.

KPA foresaw the needs of customers and the market at all times and reacted swiftly to those needs with both technology, human resources and system investments. Leading the sector with rational and innovative solutions, KPA has been its customers’ biggest and most reliable supporter in achieving their goals with cost effective means by adopting the strategic partnership approach. Envisioning its part in their customers’ taking part in major projects, by large-scale investments in machinery and human resource capacity to quickly adapt the system, KPA improves its ability to increase capacity in a short time and make use of it effectively.

KPA’s source of agility and strength, is its carefully selected team of experts with great dedication, and agile and visionary management team. KPA, with a strong team and investments, has shown the success of being a large company that undertakes roles in strengthening the defense and aerospace industry by production of national projects in our country.

Today KPA, is the largest subcontractor of TAI, while at the same time, is the second largest manufacturer of large and complex parts in Turkey, after TAI. KPA, successfully manufactures 1400 different parts including structural and critical parts that could be manufactured by a few firms worldwide, within 14 different aviation projects, and carries out shipping of 400.000 pieces, on annual average. For most these parts, KPA holds single source position.

KPA, in 2012, by continuation of its growth, has established assembly section within. Assembly Section, beginning with 300 pieces per month and 3 personnel in 2012, within a year, has become a section that produces and ships 7000 pieces per month. With systematic investments made in 2015, the monthly number of parts shipped reached 15,000 units.

KPA, showing its power and ability in national projects since its establishment, took over the production and continues to currently produce the most critical parts of the first national attack helicopter ATAK, the first national unmanned aerial vehicle ANKA (TIH), Turkish initial and basic training aircraft Hürkuş and Meltem II system integration projects.

KPA, in line with the strategies developed to achieve the targets set, continues to grow at annual rate of 20%. In 2014, Heat treatment facility has been established with atmosphere controlled class 2 type C per AMS2750E and BAC5621 furnace investment. KPA launched the institutionalization project at the beginning of 2014 and participated in the EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management - European Foundation for Quality Management) Excellence Phases program. In year 2015, after completing BOEING approved NADCAP audit with success, KPA has earned certification renewal in 2015 and 2016. KPA, in the next 3 years, plans to build its own sub-contractor system and transfer capacity. Feasibility analysis study on this plan currently continues.

KPA using the most advanced software for enterprise resource planning, continues its investments by maintaining an observable, measurable, analyzable and agile production management system, in order to develop this capability evermore. Throughout every step of production and assembly stages, if requested, instant reports on production status, capacity and risk are shared with our customers in a transparent manner.