KPA Human Resources
KPA Family Participation Process

To attract potential candidates that we need in the direction of strategic planning and long-term goals, and to manage recruitments based on experience and competencies required by the position, professionally and within a system by a selection process that is equally opportunistic with nondiscrimination in terms of religion, race, language, sex, age etc. , is the main goal of KPA HR.

In KPA; Interviews are conducted by the Human Resources Department and the relevant Department Manager on the basis of competence. Candidates with appropriate technical knowledge, suitability to existing team, experience and competence to do the job at the desired level are offered a job and the hiring process is completed. In addition, all candidates in the selection placement process are provided feedback on their application.

KPA Basic Competencies

  • Result oriented
  • Having a Team Spirit
  • Decision Making and Problem Solving Skills
  • Leadership
  • Having strong communication skillsk
  • Acquiring Corporate Values


The most important resource behind the success of KPA is its employees. Our aim is to continuously improve our corporate culture by supporting the career development of our employees and increasing their performances and motivations.

The first step in this training process is the Orientation Program, which plays a very important role in establishing the identity of the institution and ensuring employees’ compliance with their teams. In addition to the trainings planned as a result of the Performance Evaluation made on an annual basis, the annual Training and Development Plan prepared in line with the requests from the departments is prepared and the employees are provided with the possibility of continuous development.

Because we believe that we will reach the targets we have identified by and with our employees.

Performance Evaluation System

Once a year every year, the performance of employees in KPA is measured. The Performance Evaluation System is based on tracking the achievement of goals on a yearly basis. The evaluation of competencies that reflect corporate values as well as work efficiency is included in this system and the evaluation results are used in the planning of training and development applications.

Our Open Positions

Our open positions is published on web page. In addition, when you want to convey your detailed CV about our open positions, You can forward your CV to "" with a preliminary letter stating which position you are applying for.

Internship Opportunities

In conjunction with the feedbacks from our departments, our annual quota for internship is determined, and while within the quota the relevant departments of Vocational High Schools, Vocational Schools and Universities are contacted, our colleagues who want to do internship at KPA are also welcome to apply via e-mail address.

Our Personnel Profile